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Instructions and Help about 2020-2021 5500 ez form

The Internal Revenue Service form 5500 was developed to satisfy annual reporting requirements imposed by ERISA and while it's intended to ensure that employee benefits plans are managed in accordance with certain standards form 5500 also helps protect the rights and benefits of participants and beneficiaries all employers with at least 100 employees who participate in the health and welfare benefits plan must complete and file in IRS form 5500 with applicable schedules and they must do so within seven months of the plan year's end 450-500 consists of the main form a two-page document that requests information such as the date the plan became effective the number participants how the plan is funded what benefits are provided and specific other characteristics of the plan along with form 5500 are various schedules that must be filed as well while dictated by type of plan schedule requirements are further broken down into two categories pension benefits and welfare benefits and then subdivided into large or small plans it's a huge amount of information to file and costly penalties can be imposed on the employer who fails to submit an IRS form 5500 even criminal penalties can apply for willful form 5500 failures with employers being penalized up to $1100 a day while the form 5500 is missing or incomplete let task lift the work associated with this important filing from your busy human resource department as part of our stand-alone IRS form 5500 preparation service task will collect the benefits related employer data and will complete and file the form on your behalf tasks comprehensive form 5500 preparations service features user-friendly electronic tools that save you time and money we assist in collecting needed data from your insurance carriers and service providers we prepare your IRS form 5500 and all required schedules and then we pryou with the final instructions and deadlines for submission we will even file forms for up to 8 benefits at one low price task has the skill the expertise and the experience needed to prepare IRS form 5500 for employers and plan sponsors of all sizes and configurations our clients are confident that we do it right and we do it all at the fraction of a cost of attorney contact tax today for more information.