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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing irs form 5500 ez 2020-2021

Instructions and Help about irs form 5500 ez 2020-2021

Welcome this is a video tutorial for our returning clients that would like a refresher course on filing the tax form 5500 SF if your plan just started up this past year and this is your first year to file there is a separate video posted on our website just for you first-timers now chances are the reason you're watching this video is because you just received this email from the online 401 K about filing your tax form 5500 SF as you're probably aware the 5500 is an informational return that reports the activity of the 401 k plan to the feds the feds presumably use this info to gauge how many people are covered by private pension plans and how much money is in these plans as you may recall we have already input the data into your 5500 all you have to do is review it electronically sign it and file it although we filled the form out for you we can't file it and sign it and file it for you only you as the planet sponsor can electronically sign and file it now then for your return filers chances are you don't remember or can't find your electronic signature you originally got from the Department of Labor that's okay that's very common when we get to that point in the filing process the system may remember your electronic signature from the previous year if you're a first-time father with this or if you're taking over for someone who filed in the previous year and you need to get a let get an electronic signature yourself well what you through that process now the electronic signature is a user name that starts with the letter A and four-digit pin together this makes your electronic signature now this is not part of the long complicated password you've selected for yourself to get into the Department of Labor site the electronic signature that you're going to input into the 5500 is this a number and this four digit can now than if you got your electronic signature we have a link to the Department of Labor website in the email that we sent that addresses WWF SEO l gov again when you get to the part of the 5500 where you want to input your signature the system may remember your city your signature from last year so if you know your signature or want to try your luck you can go ahead and skip to that part of the video that talks about filing the 5500 otherwise we'll walk through get retrieving your electronic signature from the Department of Labor website so like I say go to the Department of Labor website you can click the link in the email that will take you to the DOL website itself if you don't remember your username and password you can click login and you can click forgot user ID it'll ask for your email this is the.