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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 5500-EZ

Instructions and Help about Form 5500-EZ

Music hello and thank you for watching our video about fighting your form 5500 for 2022 my name is Nazrin from the compliance department here at ubiquity retirement and savings this video is only for the new filers who don't have a user name and pin with a DOL website if this is your second or third or nth time filing the form you already have a user name and pin you can retrieve that on the dl website by going to e fast deal well gov if you've forgotten your information and just clicking on forgotten ID and they'll send you an email to set you back up if not just stay onboard here and we'll show you how to get a new profile with the DLL that you'll use to sign your form 5500 and just to give you a little bit of a background on the form it is a tax return for your plan essentially and it shows the IRS and the DOL the activity during the year in terms of contributions distributions earnings and fees and any balance at the end of the year which is December 31st 2022 and it's due on July 31st so it's important that you either submit it now all ask us questions about getting an extension now there's three steps overall to filing a form 5500 and we'll only cover step one which is getting your DOL username and PIN steps two and three a fairly simple and we'll they'll be covered in video number two so if you already have set one covered go ahead and click on the second video and you'll be navigated to the instructions about filing the form through our portal now let's get started for you so those of you who haven't ever found a 5500 and need a DOL username and PIN in the email we've sent you a link to the EFA's DOL website and it's WWF al gov it's where my mouse is hovering right now you can just type that into your browser WWWE Farwell gov and when you type that in you'll be navigated to something that looks like this and you'll click on register on the left here they'll ask you to agree to a privacy statement and you'll be asked to enter your information and this will be information on the trustee or the and sponsor who'll be signing the form the plan sponsor who'll be signed the form is usually the representative of the company so in the our case ubiquity retirement and savings is represented by a CEO so he would be signing the form or whoever he elects just so to just make sure that whoever has this profile is an authorized signer of the form now here you just want to make sure that the email you use is valid and has no typos because that's where they'll be sending you a confirmation link when you set up your account so.


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